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Lumax™ TS Pro Advanced Fiberoptic Cystometry System

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Provides the capability to perform multi-channel urodynamic studies, including complex cystometrograms (CMG), leak-point pressures, urethral-pressure profile (UPP), and uroflow and pressure-flow testing. The Lumax™ TS Pro Advanced version includes a laptop computer and the comprehensive Lumax™ TS Pro Software application for enhanced urodynamic study monitoring capabilities, patient visit documentation and archiving, and customized color reporting capabilities. This system can be mounted on an IV pole in a number of flexible configurations.

  • Includes uroflow transducer, volume transducer, Lumax™ TS Pro Software, laptop computer, USB cable, remote handheld event marker, and remote foot switch marker.
  • Simple protocols
  • Rapid patient documentation
  • Patient letters and physician referral letters for effective communications
  • Thermal paper tracings and color computer reports for flexible reporting options
  • Simple calculation of VLPP and MUCP
  • One-step auto DVD backup feature
  • Washable touch screen for improved sanitation